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Specialized Services for Dental Professionals

While we are more than capable of fulfilling your everyday accounting needs such as tax planning and preparation, asset tax planning, and estate planning, we have over 30 years of experience working with dental professionals. During this time, we have developed a strong understanding of the specific accounting and business services dentists require.



Valuation of a Dental Practice 

If you are looking to buy a practice, we will perform a valuation of the practice with the objective of estimating the fair market value. We will work with the seller to examine historical financial statements to determine the profitability of the practice you are looking to acquire. Our valuation will help you and your other financial advisors determine a fair offer and ensure all parties involved are satisfied.



Dental Practice Transition Engagements

If you are attempting to sell or buy a practice, we will complete a dental practice transition engagement. We will:

  • Review Financing Options
  • Address Form of Entity Issues
  • Apply for Federal & State Employer ID Numbers
  • Review Asset Allocation and Prepare IRS Form 8594
  • Review the Asset Purchase Agreement from a Financial and Tax Perspective
  • Review Related Lease and/or Purchase and Sales Agreement from a Financial and Tax Perspective
  • Plan for Post-Closing Issues (Accounting Systems, Payroll Services, Employee Matters, etc.)



Preparation of a Cash Flow Analysis

We will examine the past performance of the targeted dental practice through a detailed review of the historical financial statements and tax forms. This will help us determine the price you can afford to pay the seller as well as your own financing costs, while still maintaining the cash flow necessary to support the existing practice and your personal needs. This approach can provide insight as to your personal purchase price tolerance regardless of the seller’s needs.



Dental Practice Profile

Take a look at our Dental Practice Profile.  It will give you and idea of what an efficient and healthy dental practice's operating costs are. If your practice does not meet these benchmarks or you are interested in improving the profitability of your practice, give us a call and we will help you increase the efficiency of your practice.